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  • Slovakians train with 113th ASOS

         The Slovak Republic visited the 113th Air Support Operations Squadron (ASOS) during the month of February to finalize joint training opportunities during a planning conference. These training opportunities are a result of the creation of a State Partnership Program (SPP) that was established by

  • Civil Engineers Complete Another Successful Deployment

         On Jan. 5, 2009, our Civil Engineering Squadron once again stepped up to the plate and deployed to Baghdad, Iraq . Under the leadership of 1st Lt. Breck Schmidlkofer and Master Sgt. Paul Lybarger, half of our CE force (30 Airmen) were serving our country at Baghdad International Airport, Iraq.

  • "Staying Sharp" and "Always Ready"

         One of the many responsibilities of an organization's leadership is to ensure its members present themselves in a professional manner at all times. Professional Airmen maintain their military bearing, showing pride in their unit and maintain proper standards of dress and appearance. One of the

  • 181st member up to something 'fishy'

         For many, fishing is a hobby or merely a stress relief offering a chance to get outdoors and enjoy nature. For Master Sgt. Tom Bowker, 181st Intelligence Wing member, it is getting closer and closer to becoming his profession. Bowker currently sits atop the points standings in the co-angler

  • Broadcast Journalism coming to 181st

    When one thinks about female broadcast journalists, the names of Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Susan Dinkel come to mind. Soon you can add - SSgt Diane Pirog. In a time where the base's transition has brought many "firsts," the 181st Public Affairs Office is well on its way to chalking up another

  • DGS Update: One step away from operational

    For more than three years, the 181st has been making its transition into an Intelligence Wing. A major piece to completing the transition is nearly complete, as a fullyoperational Distributed Ground Station is only months away from being up and running. Once functioning, the 181st DGS will be a

  • Spring Time is on its way

    The 181st Family Readiness Group would like to congratulate our new board members. Elections were held in December and our new board has been selected. Dodie Halter is president, Dana Stephens is vice president, Tim Gray is secretary and Mike Snodgrass takes over as treasurer. If you see them around

  • Changes within the 181st Public Affairs

    Over the last few years, Public Affairs has continued to report on all the changes being made to personnel and base activities. The new missions have brought in exciting new schools and base renovations, but most importantly for those who enjoy reading the Racer Flyer, the Public Affairs Career

  • Hulman Field becoming face of 'total force'

    Not long after the 181st Fighter Wing's final fly day, the new image of Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Ind., started to materialize. As buildings begin to change, so has some of the personnel on base, most noticeably, the increase of Army National Guard members. The 519th Combat Sustainment Support