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181st Racer Resiliency Team

The Racer Resilience Team is a coordinated relationship with the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator ( SARC), Chaplains, Wing Department of Psychological Health, (Wing DPH) and Airman and Family Readiness Program Manager (AFRPM). The team is located in LRF Building #3.

The Racer Resilience Center team's mission is to provide information and resources, improve skills by fostering competencies and coping skills, and offer support and assistance that help service members and their families deal with the demands of military mission and family responsibilities. We are here to support you with managing the challenges of emergencies, deployments and separations including TDYs and remote tours.




Psycological Health

Comm: (812) 877-5726
Cell: (812)-230-4505
Wing Psychological Email 


chaplian services

Chaplain Webpage

Comm: (812) 877-5192
DSN: 873-5192
Chaplain Email

Family Readiness


SAPR Webpage

Comm: (812) 877-5700
DSN: 873-5700
SARC Cell: (812) 264-4511
State SARC Cell: (317) 247-3172
181st IW SARC Email