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ANG Logo

181st Intelligence Wing Leadership


Colonel Charles T. Goad
Commander, 181st IW
Colonel Lance A. Hopper
 Vice Commander, 181st IW
Chief Master Sgt. Robert Hackett
Command Chief, 181st IW 






contact numbers

Safety Office
(812) 877-5247, DSN 873-5247

Public Affairs
(812) 877-5471, DSN 873-5471

(812) 877-5218, DSN 873-5218

Chaplain (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5539, DSN 873-5539

Orderly Room (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5205, DSN 873-5205

First Sergeant (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5185, DSN 873-5185

Command Post (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5227, DSN 873-5227

Judge Advocate General (UTA Weekend)

(812) 877-5385, DSN 873-5385

Military Equal Opportunity (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5479, DSN 873-5479

Human Resource Advisor (UTA Weekend)
(812) 877-5178, DSN 873-5178