Broadcast Journalism coming to 181st

  • Published
  • By SSgt Chris Jennings
  • 181st IW/PA

When one thinks about female broadcast journalists, the names of Barbara Walters, Katie Couric, Susan Dinkel come to mind. Soon you can add - SSgt Diane Pirog.
In a time where the base's transition has brought many "firsts," the 181st Public Affairs Office is well on its way to chalking up another "first" for the unit. SSgt Dianne Pirog has successfully completed and passed a required voice audition for her upcoming Broadcast Journalism school at Ft. Meade, Defense Information School (DINFOS).
"This is really exciting," 24-year-old Pirog explained. "It's great to be the first person to do anything and I am looking forward to the challenges this new job will bring."
Pirog, an Indianapolis native, was a Graphic Specialist in the 181st Public Affairs Office, but the Graphics AFSC went away, leaving her with an option to choose print or broadcast journalism. She is currently working on her nursing degree at Ivy Tech and IUPUI, but feels that her experience in broadcast journalism could turn into something more.
"I'm really focused on getting my nursing degree, but you never know," she said. "Some day with my experience gained at DINFOS, I might host my own 'Ask the nurse,' show on day time television."
The 181st Public Affairs Office is excited about having a broadcast journalist on hand and will have new options for effectively telling the 181st story to not only the general public, but 181st members as well.
"We hope to have a full broadcast studio up and running by the time Pirog returns from school," said SMSgt John Chapman, supervisor of 181st PAO. "We will be able to do news and weather broadcasts, but the real value will come from generating video news releases and news pieces we can send to different military media outlets. We are excited about the new opportunities."
The four-month long broadcast school will be Pirog's first step, but she will more than likely fly through it in "Racer Style." Currently she hasn't thought of a signature sign-off, so for now, she'll have to borrow one.
"I'm SSgt Dianne Pirog from the 181t Intelligence Wing Public Affairs Office, and this is 181st news...Stay classy 181st."