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  • Racers Welcome New Commander

         During a change of command ceremony on Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, the 181st Intelligence Wing welcomed its newest Commander, Col. Donald Bonte.      The change of command ceremony is a part of military tradition marking a change from one leader to another. Members of the 181st witnessed this time

  • First Biennial Combat Dining In

    The 181st Junior Enlisted Council hosted the first biennial Combat Dining In on 4 June 2011. Members donned their war-gear and armed with super-soakers to participate in an exhilarating game of capture-the-flag. Four teams were formed to defend their positions. Staff Sgt. Shannon Hunter, a member of

  • Help has arrived

         As the new Wing Director of Psychological Health (WDPH) I am pleased to introduce myself to the Airmen of the 181st. My name is Kim Salsman, MS, LMHC. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.      The Wing DPH is in place to provide assessment, counseling/problem solving, education/motivation,

  • Avoiding traffic violations

         The speed limit on base is 20mph and 5mph as you go out the main gate. When approaching a STOP sign, you must stop. Don't use the California roll method which is a traffic violation. Other things to remember, if no sign is posted at an intersection, a yield is always your best bet. Once again,

  • Chiefs: The Legacy Continues

         On Saturday, Feb. 12, the 181st Chief's Council held an induction ceremony for newly promoted Chief Master Sgt. Joshua D. Hall. The following day the wing retired Chief Master Sgt. Dennis A. Williams.      After 19 years of service, Hall has reached the pinnacle of the enlisted force. He took

  • Brig. Gen. Goodwin takes time to mentor Airmen

         The 181st Intelligence Wing welcomed Brig. Gen. J. Stewart Goodwin, Assistant Adjutant General for Air and the Indiana Air Commander, to Hulman Field on Sunday, Feb. 3. The general's agenda included addressing the Patriot Flight, the Junior Enlisted Council and the wing's first sergeants, as

  • Largest class in Racer history graduates from CCAF

         The 181st Intelligence Wing proudly graduated sixty members from the Community College of the Air Force on Sunday, Feb. 13. This marks not only the largest group for the 181st, but also for the Air National Guard during the 2010 calendar year. Several members earned multiple degrees, with a

  • Patriot Exercise Prepares Servicemembers for Coalition Environment

    Members of the 181st Intelligence Wing's Medical Group participated in the Patriot Exercise at Volk Field and Fort McCoy, Wis. July 10-25, 2010. The Patriot Exercise is an international annual training event designed to increase the domestic and combat readiness capabilities of National Guard

  • 181st Intelligence Wing Hosts Hometown Heroes Salute Ceremony

    The 181st IW hosted its first Hometown Heroes Salute Ceremony on Aug. 8th, 2010 in Terre Haute, honoring 237 Airmen and their families. In August 2008, Gen. Craig R. McKinley, Chief of the National Guard Bureau, sanctioned the Air National Guard Hometown Heroes Salute recognition program. The

  • CCAF Graduation Ceremony Recognizes 181st IW’s Largest Class

        The 181 Intelligence Wing conducted the 2009/2010 Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) graduation ceremony on February 21st here at Hulman Field. It was a highlight for the Airmen, the 181st and the Indiana Air National Guard. Brigadier General James S. Goodwin, Indiana Air Commander, was