181st Honor Guard displays Colors at Colts Game

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Chris Jennings
  • 181st Intelligence Wing Public Affairs
On Sunday Dec. 2, 181st Honor Guard marched onto the 50-yard line at the RCA Dome to display the nation's flag before the Indianapolis Colts game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Representing the 181st, the Air Force, and the Nation's Armed Forces, the four Wing members showed astute military professionalism during the pregame ceremony and allowed the nation to see a piece of "Racer" excellence. 

"I've done several types of ceremonies since I've been with the Honor Guard," said SrA
Matthew Heald, 181st Honor Guard member. "But nothing with this many people. It was amazing" 

The Honor Guard performs ceremonies of all types, but this one was a little different. Rushing into a conference room in the Convention Center, a man wearing a headset called out a timeframe as Honor Guard members hastily changed into their uniforms. Still tugging and straightening out uniforms, members were taken through a revolving door and stepped onto the playing field. 

In perfect stride, the four 181st members marched to the 50-yard line and displayed colors during the National Anthem. On the final note, the enormous, Colts-blue covered crowd erupted, and the Honor Guard marched toward the sideline. 

The jubilated Honor Guard stood at the back of the end zone as Colts players took the field, running within the feet of the 181st members. 

TSgt Mike Kellums, was also on the 50-yard line taking photographs as the Honor Guard displayed the colors. "You don't realize how big the RCA Dome is until you're standing at the 50-yard line when the crowd goes crazy," Kellums mentioned. "It was a great experience." 

Honor Guard one minute, fans the next, 181st members snapped a few photos in the end zone as their favorite players took the field and then rushed back to the conference room to change from uniform to Colts blue and enjoy the game. 

"It makes you feel good to go out and represent the Wing in front of so many people," Heald said. "I was very proud of myself and everyone." 

After a well performed pre-game ceremony, Wing members were back in their seats to enjoy a Colts victory over their division rival Jaguars, 28-25.