Happy New Year from the 181st Family Readiness Group

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  • By Johnny Saylor
  • Family Readiness Group
The Family Readiness Office would like to thank all our volunteers for their hours of support. We have a good core of men and women who faithfully volunteer their time and talents each month to support the 181st Intel Wing families.
In December, the FRG sent care packages to all our Airmen deployed overseas during the holiday season. If you or your family would like to send a care package we have a list of items that are good to include in your package. Addresses of the Airmen who are deployed at any given time are also available.
The FAT RATS (our retired members) have given a donation to the Family Readiness fund to help support our children's programs and our care package mailings. We want to thank them for all they have done for our group. If you know of a retiree who doesn't know about this group, have him call our office and we will get them in touch with the retired group.
Again, 2009 will be a busy time for our group. We will be attending the State Workshop, National Workshop and many of our loved ones will be deployed overseas. Additionally, our new mission will be up and running so a lot of our newly trained Airmen will be back home from their state-side assignments. We will be putting our projects together for the summer time and all our activities worked out at the January and February meetings. Come and join us on Saturday of drill at 10:00 am. Our meetings are in the Wing Conference Room of the Headquarters Building (#18) and last about one hour.

From the FRG President Dodie Halter,
Greetings! Wow, can you believe another year has passed? And what a great year 2008 was for our Family Readiness Group. We were involved in briefings for troops and their families as they readied for deployments, helping military members apply for assistance through the Guard Relief Fund, helping military families replace items lost in the flood, fundraising efforts with the money being geared towards children's activities (Operation Kids Deploy and Kids Camp), etc. Kid's Camp (yearly) and Operation Kids Deploy, offered every other year, are great activities and are well attended. The next year for Operation Kids Deploy will be 2010. The New Year promises to be just as productive. As the 181st deploys more of our Airmen, a goal of the FRG is to be in contact with their families on, at least, a monthly basis. We are here to assist the families with whatever their needs might be while their military member is away from home. To help with that, our web page has been updated, www.181stFRG.com, and includes FRG contact information, links to many of the services offered to support families in their time of need and a calendar of upcoming events. Please, check it out. There's an area to make comments. Your remarks are returned directly back to our office. I invite any and all family members to attend our monthly meetings, held each Saturday of drill at 1000, in the Wing Conference Room. I look forward to meeting and talking with you.