Avoiding traffic violations

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt. John S. Chapman
  • 181st IW/Public Affiairs
     The speed limit on base is 20mph and 5mph as you go out the main gate. When approaching a STOP sign, you must stop. Don't use the California roll method which is a traffic violation. Other things to remember, if no sign is posted at an intersection, a yield is always your best bet. Once again, these are traffic violations. 181 Security Forces has the authority to pull you over and give you a ticket.
     According to Senior Master Sgt. Danny Cook, 181 Security Forces Superintendant, the traffic laws on base are enforced by the following three guidelines:
  • AFI 91-207, the US Air Force Traffic Safety Program
  • AFI 31-218 (I), Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision
  • Wing Commander Directive
     "It's all about keeping everyone safe while driving on the installation, not how many tickets we can write in a month," said Cook. There are times when additional personnel will be on base so extra care should be taken and watch out for those pedestrians.
     The use of a cell phone is prohibited on any DoD installation. "The use of a cell phone while driving will result in a ticket," said Master Sgt. Shane Mullenix, AM Shift Supervisor.
     If you follow the rules and use common sense you should never receive a ticket. If you do get a ticket, make sure that is your one and only. Per Base Commander Col Hauser, the rules change after receiving your second ticket. After the second offense, you and your unit commander will have to park and walk from parking lot A for 6 months. This action is only enforced here at HUF. Policies may vary from base to base. So again, use common sense.