Experience guides new 181st Inspector General

  • Published
  • By SSgt Chris Jennings
  • 181st IW/PA

The 181st Inspector General covers a wide range of job duties within the Wing from personal complaints to the fraud, waste and abuse program. If there is an issue within the unit that needs to be escalated to a higher level, whether that is to increase the readiness of the entire squadron or assisting in the professional growth of airmen, Lt. Col. Terrence Mullins is on the job for the 181st.
Mullins has served in the Air Force and Air Guard for 32 years and his experience and expertise in several career fields provide him with the knowledge needed to overlook the entire Wing's operational status.
Mullins explains his duties as making sure every squadron on base fulfills the proper training and readiness exercises to be prepared for any inspection. He is also here to provide guidance for any Airman who has a complaint that needs to be escalated above the supervisor level.
"Ideally, the best way to address a potential problem is by utilizing the chain of command." Mullins said.
Mullins, who travels from Colorado Springs, Col., for drill every month, spent eight years in the enlisted ranks before being commissioned. He worked as an administrative specialist before his commission and after he has held several key positions in the Indiana ANG. His latest stint as the Public Affairs Officer for the Indiana Joint Force Headquarters provides him with the most experience for the IG position.
"As the state PAO, I had to know a little about everything," he explained. "I understand there will be a slight learning curve with the new job, but my past experience is what will help me make decisions that will most benefit the 181st and the Air Force."
Mullins' full-time job in Colorado Springs is at Peterson AFB, where he serves as a International Affairs Specialist for the Air Force Space Command.
"I coordinate meetings, agendas, and entire visitations for our foreign allies interested in learning about the US space program," Mullins said. "I've hosted everyone from the Chief of the Air Force of Turkey to the Minister of Defense from the Czech Republic."
Back at the 181st, Mullins understands that his job is to maintain the Wing's integrity for operational status and on a personal level with 181st Airmen. Mullins explained that he feels this position gives him an opportunity to offer assistance with any question pertaining to someone's career.
"The IG position offers me an opportunity to help a young Airman make a career decision and stay focused on the mission," he said. "I've been in the Guard for a long time and have had the privilege to serve with some very professional Guardsmen. This position affords me the opportunity to contribute to something that has given me countless opportunities."
The Inspector General office is located in Building 18, across from the credit union.