Brig. Gen. Goodwin takes time to mentor Airmen

  • Published
  • By Senior Airmen Ben Sutton
  • 181st IW/PA
     The 181st Intelligence Wing welcomed Brig. Gen. J. Stewart Goodwin, Assistant Adjutant General for Air and the Indiana Air Commander, to Hulman Field on Sunday, Feb. 3. The general's agenda included addressing the Patriot Flight, the Junior Enlisted Council and the wing's first sergeants, as well as attending the Community College of the Air Force graduation ceremony.
     Goodwin was eager to meet the Racer's upcoming Airmen that make up the Patriot Flight. He shared his insight about the military and in particular, the Air National Guard. He encouraged each Airman to enjoy their time in the military and to embrace their experiences at basic. Goodwin emphasized that, "everyone comes from a different background, but must be trained to a level you will succeed."
     Patriot Flight Airmen were wide-eyed and smiling as he shared stories of fitness tests in the old black combat boots, deployments all around the world, and what the tension was like during a Cold War that ended before most of the Patriot Flight members were born. "The simple fact is that as members of Student Flight are special and we recognize that you are our future," Goodwin said. "We also want you to try hard at everything you attempt, and succeed so you can become the very best, because the future is so bright for all of you, and frankly I am a little jealous."
     During the generals visit with the members of the Junior Enlisted Council, he wanted to convey how important their role as leaders were to not just their individual groups, or even to the 181st, but also to the larger Air Force family.
     "I am so thrilled that the Junior Enlisted Council is here because your knowledge and experience will be leading the way in the very near future," Goodwin said. "When we lose members who have years of service, that is knowledge and experience that we cannot get back or use to teach a younger generation of Airmen." The general reminded the group that true satisfaction as a leader is selecting a team and watching them succeed and when working with others versus having others work for you, success will follow.
     As the morning wrapped up the general ensured he had the opportunity to meet with the Racer's elite group of first sergeants. He expressed to each of them how much he appreciated the fine job they are doing, and shared "nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."
     The first sergeants were given the opportunity to discuss options for recognizing outstanding Airmen, and ask for senior leadership advice on how to addresses areas of concern. Goodwin emphasized to the group how important it is for first sergeant's to be everyone's Airman.
     After meeting with each of these groups, Goodwin enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the Aerospace Dining Facility where he had the pleasure of meeting additional Racer family members.