81st Troop Command – Racer’s Newest Tenant

  • Published
  • By Maj. Frank Howard
  • 181st IW/WESO
     On 19 June, Indiana's Adjutant General, Maj. Gen. R. Martin Umbarger, along with other National Guard leaders and government officials, held a press conference to provide details on a significant increase of military personnel who will train at Hulman Field in Terre Haute. Specifically, the 81st Troop Command, commanded by Brig. Gen. Michael J. Osburn, is moving its headquarters from Stout Field, Indianapolis, to Hulman Field.
     The 81st Troop Command is a brigade-sized organization of 2000 Soldiers comprised of Engineer Units, Military Police Units, Medical Companies, and a Chemical Company. In addition to the wartime mission, 81st Troop Command is the Indiana National Guard's standing Joint Task Force designated as Joint Task Force 81, responsible to rapidly deploy and integrate operations with local, state and national agencies, in order to conduct operations which save life, protect infrastructure, and provide necessary life support to the affected areas. Primary responsibility is to prepare and assist local agencies in Domestic/Homeland Security Operations.
     This move adds 30 full-time Army Guard positions and 104 traditional positions to Hulman Field. No longer will all Indiana Army Guard headquarters be located in one targetable location. As part of the move, the 181st Medical Group CERFP remains an element of 181st IW but is under Operational Control of 19th CERFP during contingencies. 181 IW base agencies are currently assisting the transition from the 81st building at Stout Field to their new home in Hangar 1.
     According to the 181IW Commander, Colonel Don Bonte Jr., the addition of the 81st Troop command, "Puts the 181st in a much better position to respond to any type of manmade or natural disaster faster for citizens of the Wabash Valley and the state of Indiana."
     Racers can expect large exercises conducted from Hulman Field, further increasing the 181st ability to respond to disasters.