• Published
  • By 1st Lt Randi Jo Brown
  • 181IW/CCE
Members of the 181st Intelligence Wing and the Wabash Valley participated in the sixth bi-annual Racer Run in April. All the participants received a nice medal when crossing the finish line, whether they were running the 1.5 mile, 5K or 10K event. This run had the most participants to date, with 181.

The following individuals were recognized: 5K Top Female - Shelby Tatman; 5K Top Military Female - Julie Vanlandingham; 5K Top Male - Dustin Devitt; 5K Top Military Male - Michael Huffman; 10K Top Female - Nicole Longa; 10K Top Military Female - Angela Shaw; 10K Top Male - Aaron Bratka; 10K Top Military Male - Christopher Blanton

Next event to be held over October drill weekend, be sure to watch for the applications. It is great to see everyone out enjoying the weather and it is encouraging to all of us to help keep our fitness at an acceptable level. Happy running this summer!

Thank you to the organizations on base that have added duties during a Race drill weekend. We are very appreciative of your support.

Special thank you and appreciation goes out to Master Sgt. Melinda Tatman, who continually pours her love of running into each event. While most of us only get involved in the final month or days leading up to the Run, Tatman is working to create the themes for the medals and shirts. Along with that comes all the time spent finding the best items for the best prices. She works with the community to get vendors enthusiastic about attending our Fitness Expo. This year Master Sgt. Julie Vanlandingham joined her to assist with the Fitness Expo as the point of contact. Thank you Julie for the help.