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The 181st Base Honor Guard

Requesting USAF Military Funeral Honors
To request funeral honors for a loved one, the Funeral Director must contact the Scott AFB Funeral Honors Section at 618-256-4586 or http://www.scott.af.mil/Units/Honor-Guard/ . The Scott AFB Funeral Honors Section AND the Funeral Director will then contact the 181st IW Base Honor Guard to render honors. If the loved one is outside of the Scott AFB Funeral Honors Area of Responsibility, the Funeral Director will be directed to the appropriate Funeral Honors Section.

To schedule funeral honors, DD214s should be e-mailed to honorguard@scott.af.mil or faxed to (618) 256-7462. All submitted documents will be verified and confirmed via phone. To guarantee support, please provide documentation no later than 48 hours prior to the requested honors time.

For any event other than funerals we need AT LEAST 14 DAYS notice to ensure proper manning for the event and a completed DD Form 2536 which is located in the Base HG Documents box. Please email DD Form 2536 to one of the POC in the Point of Contacts box. Events requested with less than 14 days will not be accepted.
- Base honor guards will support protocol and ceremonial functions for military and civilians, time and resources permitting (for example; colors presentations, flag folding ceremonies, hat ceremony)
- Other local and off-base events are only supported with approval of the base Public Affairs office.
- Providing military funeral honors is the primary mission of the base honor guard program
- The military funeral honors mission takes precedence over ceremonial functions

We thank you for using this process, as it ensures proper funding is provided, allowing the 181st IW Base Honor Guard to continue providing these services in the future.

Proper Disposal of Unserviceable American Flags
The Base Honor Guard accepts flags for proper disposal of unserviceable American Flags. Please contact a member of the Base Honor Guard or bring them to the Base Honor Guard room located in the Hanger. We will dispose of flags IAW Section 8(k), Chapter 1, Title 4, U.S.C.

Military Department of Indiana Ceremonial Unit

Who Are They?
The Indiana Ceremonial Unit was the first of its kind in any state, established in 1974 - trained by the Old Guard (3rd Infantry Regiment) and recognized as a sister unit.

As a volunteer member of the Indiana Ceremonial Unit (CU), you do not leave your current unit or station. Being a part of the CU team will enrich the depth of your commitment to serve, help you acquire new skills and knowledge, while allowing you to share your own talents and expertise in a friendly, joint force environment.

Joining the CU is a personal commitment to represent the Indiana National Guard (both Air and Army) during ceremonies and public events (minimum of four per year). It is an opportunity to stand for the dedication to duty, professionalism, and desire to serve, as exemplified in the best military tradition.

To apply:
Ceremonial Unit Application

Point of contact:
SFC Brandon S. Ledbetter
Phone: 317-696-8316 (cell)
Email: Brandon.s.ledbetter.mil@mail.mil

Link to CU home page:

point of contacts

Superintendent: MSgt Joseph Henning
Email: joseph.o.henning.mil@mail.mil
COM (812) 877-5534
DSN 873-5534

NCOIC Operations: TSgt Tonya Landes
Email: tonya.l.landes.mil@mail.mil
COM (812) 543-1165
DSN 873-1165

NCOIC Training: TSgt Anjuli Smith
Email: anjuli.h.smith.mil@mail.mil