Within the Air National Guard there are many different types of the opportunities to serve in different capacities within our Guard. Please check links often as vacancies are announced periodically.

Title 10 Statutory Tour Program

Title 10 Stat Tour program is a way to go on Active Duty Orders and is governed by ANGI 36-6. Please click on link below to find out vacancies. Title 10 Vacancies

ANG State Vacancies Links

This link will provide all HRO sites for the entire ANG. Listing is for full time positions. May vary from USAJOBS
State Links

State AGR Program

NGB/HR will occasionally post AGR vacancies, these positions are Title 32 and not part of the Air National Guard Statutory Tour Program. State AGR

ADOS Program

Critical positions that were unanticipated and non-recurring projects or missions within the Air National Guard Readiness Center and NGB. ADOS Tour