What happened to the fountain?

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kevin D. Schulze
  • 181st Intelligence Wing/PA
The trees are being pulled, the dirt is piling up and the water is being drained. The 181st Civil Engineering Squadron is on a mission to improve the 181st Intelligence Wing one square foot at a time.

Airmen assigned to the 181st CES spent their drill weekend trenching and clearing a pathway on the south side of base.

The changes to the base are not simply for aesthetic reasons. The work being done will provide the 181st IW with not only a change in looks, but a change for physical training.

  "We are clearing a three quarter mile running track for the Airmen on base," said the project supervisor. "It won't be asphalt, so it'll be easier on the knees. We will also be putting in pull up bars and work out stations in the next year or two."

Along with the construction of the running track, the CES has filled in the fountain near the North entrance of the base.

"The fountain was costing us too much in utilities to run." said Chief Master Sergeant Darrell Newman, the CMSgt of the 181st Civil Engineering Squadron. "So that's why we are filling it in and adding more parking and a small monument to replace the fountain."

With so much planned the CES uses this opportunity to train and work together to get the project completed as fast as possible.

This is a whole team effort that provides a great training opportunity for new Airmen. The new Airmen get a chance to operate the machinery, the Active Guard and Reserve Airmen are working during the week, the traditional guardsmen on drill weekends, and motor pool is helping with our equipment, said Newman.

The work the CES is doing is one of many ways that the 181st IW shows the wingman concept. By improving the base, CES Airmen will improve morale, keep everyone fit to fight, and make it easier for all of the Airmen at the 181st IW to be Racer Ready.